Freeze Suckers Freeze

December 26th, 2008 by Scott

Merry Christmas Everyone …

Sorry for the lousy updates but Internet cafes are as scarce as ….snowballs down here. A quick update ….

Weather: perfect 27 to 30 with a cooling sea breeze in the afternoon , cooling at night to perfect sleeping temps
People: Friendly, helpful and often gorgeous.
Food: Average, NZ does it better but not bad. You north americans would recognise the chains and style
Christmas dinner: Prawns, turkey roll fresh veggies an salad. Mead from a local producer.
Ostrick egg eaten for breaksfast: Yes … three mornings running (huge)
Indian Ocean: warm, clear and great for swimming.
Perth: Fantastic … we just love it. New like calgary but with style planning and better surfing.

Today we did the boxing day sales, cheerfully fighting the crowds, searching out bargins and getting sun burnt… bwhahahaha. Tomorrow Freemantle, Saturday???? then home on Sunday, overnight to CHCH then drive home in the afternoon.

Terry you should be SOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous ….

Merry Christmas you all ….from all of us

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