Tis’ done

February 27th, 2009 by Scott

Well lucky last I guess .. Thursday morning I was admitted to the Manuka Street hospital and had my first colonoscopy. The preparation was not so bad .. the stuff tasted like seawater with chocolate added ….. I wandered in (clenched) .. did the paper work and was called in to theater where the the anesthetist gave me a shot an said “you should feel sleepy”. I said ” I don’t feel sle …….” and woke it the recovery room. Report card had 1) prep good 2) tiny polyp removed 3) I have an acute angle in the sygmoid thingy … had a snack and a coffee and was out the door. Surgeon pleased Scott pleased, roll on.

3 Responses to “Tis’ done”

  1. terry Says:

    Atta boy…thats what I’m talkin’ about…why don’t you post photos of your pristine innards?.I think Ian is especially interested in graphical medical photos.

  2. Joan Says:

    Congratulations!! I’m glad everything was okay. When do you go for the next one–five years? Ten years? Or would you rather not think about that just now!

  3. scott Says:

    Apparently i get to wait for the pathoology on the polyup found and then decide …. Terry i’ll see abotu scanning uup the image for the wordl to see ….

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