Been a while…

March 15th, 2009 by Ian

It’s been a while since my last update, but honestly, things have been moving a little slowly.

Dylan is, of course, down in New Zealand and seems to be having fun, but the updates from him are very light and erratic at best.  The best we can tell is that he’s moving on from Rotorua soon (tomorrow?) and heading out to the west coast..Raglan we think…for some surfing.  They had been trying to go sky diving all week, but the weather wouldn’t cooperate so they may have to take a miss on that.  After Raglan, we’re not sure what he’s doing.  He’s been in contact with Scott and plans a trip down to visit in the not too distant future, but only Dylan knows and he ain’t talking.

Here at home we’re gearing up for a trip to Florida.  Four days at the parks in Orlando, two days a Cape Canaveral (during which time there is actually a GPS satellite launch!) and then a short 3 day cruise to Nassau.  Sounds good to me!  After that, Shelley and Quinn and flying home and I’m flying to San Francisco for a business trip…another week of warmer weather!  I can take it.  But I had to pass up on a business trip to Scotland for this!  Not that Scotland would be very nice this time of year.

Not much else to tell, really.  Quinn continues to rack up FAR too much screen time (like father like son, I guess), but I have some plans in the works for try and remedy that.  Shelley is still working at Laura’s (retail clothing shop) and NovAtel always keeps me busy.

Joan has complained a little bit about Facebook taking up all the Squids traffic, and I think she’s right.  I’m trying to ween myself off it a bit and get back to doing my own thing.

As a side thought, does anyone here Twitter?  I’ve set up and account, but I really can’t see the point…maybe that’s why the kids like it, because us oldies don’t get it, but even Quinn can’t understand why.  Anyone else have any ideas?

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  1. Terry Says:

    I twitter, so does Viv…I don’t know why…I think she does, but she’s in bed. We use it to do brief messages to Brady, since it appears on his phone, from our computer. Or something.

  2. Vivian Says:

    About Twitter
    First of all, see what David Pogue of the NYT and Pogue Press has to say about it:

    Our main use of twitter is that Brady can use it from his cell phone (and we can actually receive it our our cells, meaning that he can SMS us from Kaz, which doesn’t otherwise work). He finds that it becomes like a roaming notepad. When he’s out and about and sees something interesting, he tweets, then picks it up on his computer later to journal. His tweets are invariably interesting.

    I “follow” a few “celebrities” on Twitter. (“Follow” is in quotes because, on Twitter, it’s a technical term; “celebrities” is in quotes not because I don’t think I spelled it right, but because the kinds of people I am talking about are political journalists and a podcasting yoga instructor – not exactly Hollywood stars). They often post interesting tidbits.

    Finally, since we don’t have Blackberries or any other kind of mobile internet, posting from cell phone to Twitter is as close as we can get to mobile online service.

    Terry asked me to post this. Ian, please send me yet another e-mail and I’ll see if I can get it together to note my user name and password here. I’ve changed to a new old computer (Brady’s one that broke while he was in Kaz and needed to come back to NA for warranty repair). And I’ll reply to your e-mail with all of our twitter names.

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