March 21st, 2009 by Joan

As Ian says, I’m upset with Facebook and the fact that most of the family info traffic is going there. Ian suggested that I join up to keep track of Dylan (fat lot of good that’s done!) and lo and behold, there’s the family. I’ve assumed over the past months that everyone else was supremely busy with no time to blog anything, but I guess everyone’s been Facebooking. It seems such a shame that we’re not making use of that which Ian went to a lot of trouble to set up! I guess my age is showing, and I probably don’t know how to use it to the fullest, but I’m finding Facebook extremely frustrating and almost voyeuristic–teeny weeny snippets of cryptic info. And no wonder certain members of the younger generation don’t know how to carry on a conversation–Vivian seems to be the only person who uses more than one short sentence. Also, Scott can’t get it so that leaves him out too although I know you all IM frequently.
There–now you can all rant at me!!
I’ll add a short update on my winter doings–and I recognize that I’m the worst offender in this blog world. It’s been extremely cold and snowy in Calgary–way above our average snowfall–and it was hard to get out of town as Harold was having cataract surgery in Februiary and March (next Monday) and wasn’t allowed to travel between operations. We did get to Mexico and spent two weeks with Don Turner in Manzanillo and Lake Chapala. Marilyn and I are going to Vancouver in a week on a garden tour and the beginning of May we’re all going to Las Vegas for a week. I wish I knew others who were as willing and able to travel, but we three get along just fine!
I also completed Carter’s John Deere quilt, have started a different quilt for Zenya, and in between knit squares and scan slides.

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  1. Scott Says:

    Joan …

    Well said!

    And a good update for a change . I’m afraid I am a bit of a luddite when it comes to the socaia networking sites but do try to get onto this site. Perhaps when you are updating us regualrly here you can get poopy at others? Hmmmmmmm

    Anyway lets ask Ian if he knwos whatys of linking the facebook and blog sites closer?

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