Things are slowwwly returning back

May 10th, 2002 by Ian

Things are slowwwly returning back to normal now that I’m mobile again. I have to say that I HATED not being able to get around myself. I know….I’m spoiled from having two cars for too long, but it really is a pain having to call people to get a ride to work.

This weekend begins with the painting of Quinn’s bedroom walls tonight. I did all the upstairs ceilings last weekend, and new bedroom carpeting comes on Wednesday, so it’s gotta be this weekend. I haven’t painted walls in some time, so I can’t remember how long it takes, but I’m pretty sure it’ll go fast.

Quinn’s room will be painted a fairly dark blue. Then a friend of Shelley’s is going to come in and paint an underwater mural scene on one wall.

Dylan’s room will be BRIGHT ORANGE. Quite frankly it scares me, but that’s what he wants. Shelley’s friend will then paint a sunset over his bed.

At leat my room will be “normal”. A fairly subdued taupe colour.

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