Frank 2010

September 4th, 2010 by Ian

Sadly, one of our kittens was hit and killed by a car a couple nights ago. He had failed to come home that evening and I saw no sign of him in the morning — but I did get a call from our vet that another clinic was looking up his ear tattoo information. Turned out to be bad news. Someone had found him and took him in — he didn’t suffer. At least we know what happened to him.

His sister Marley is beside herself and can’t understand what’s happened and why we won’t let her outside now.

So, in 9 months we have lost: Our first cat, Schroeder — he had a good long life and lived to be 17 years old; Quinn’s cat, Kiaora — 5 years old and died of Lymphoma; and now Frank, an 8 month old kitten.

Sucks to be us currently.

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