Yes, I Hate Plumbing.

September 20th, 2010 by Ian

On the way home today I got a panicked call from Shelley that the toilet in he back bathroom was overflowing.  “How bad could it be?”, I thought.  ”  The most you could get would be a tank full.  Well, I was wrong and it was bad enough.

Shel and Quinn managed to get the water turned off, but it was actually the bob valve at the top of the tank that failed — that coupled with the fact that bowl had been draining “slowly” of late, and sometimes not at all.  Honestly, it was on my list to replace — the whole toilet — but I hadn’t yet.

So, the good news is that it was MOSTLY clean water.  The bad news is that there was quite a bit of it.  We’re done mopping now, Shelley’s having a shower and the upstairs portion is dry.  We’ve got fans running in the basement to dry out the (open joist — thankfully) ceiling in the crawl space.  All that’s left is to go through the stuff that got wet and decide to keep in and clean it or chuck it.

Not exactly what any of us had planned for the evening….

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