The Purge is Over

October 18th, 2010 by Ian

Okay, I’ve made it through the purge.  Honestly, it was painful.  The trouble I’m having now is bringing my consumption back up to normal, without letting it got too far.  It’s SOOO easy to just let things go back to normal, however, I find that I’m overcompensating and still not eating enough because I’m a little leery of eating too much.  It’s a fine line that’s hard to hold.

If you look at the weight graph, you’ll notice it dropped sharply for a couple days, then bounced back a bit.  This is perfectly normal.  It’s just the excess fluids being purged and now I can continue with “real” weight loss.  It’ll bounce around a fair bit from day to day, but the overall trend should be downward.  Let’s hope so.

I am still feeling pretty crappy too (my flu shot today didn’t help I’m sure)…gotta get some energy in!

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