Yikes. Long delay again! I

March 2nd, 2003 by Ian

Yikes. Long delay again! I just couldn’t leave the “Merry Christmas” there at the top any longer. So what CAN I say?

Scott and I were playing Quake over the internet. It was pretty laggy, but fun none the less. He’s getting a new computer soon and we’re gonna try Quake3. Could be cool.

Shelley had a small accident in the van. No, no one was hurt. Driver’s side door was caved in. It’s off at the body shop and we’re driving a rental Jimmy. Pretty nice little truck.

We’ve had Shelley’s friend from Saskatoon and her son here for a week and a half now. She’s going through IVF at Foothills Hospital, so she’s staying with us. She goes home tomorrow and is taking Quinn and Shelley with her. Shelley has a wedding to go to in S’toon and Quinn’s along for a vacation. Part of his birthday present was a flight home from S’toon. He’s never been in a plane before and was REALLY excited about it.

Not much else to report right now. I’m gonna try to update more often, but I’ve said that before…

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