The Flood of Ought Three

March 14th, 2003 by Ian

The Flood of Ought Three

Shelley was worried that “bad things come in threes” and it seems she was right. Well, I hope they don’t come in fours, or more!

We have now had the THIRD bad thing in three weeks and hopefully its over.

We discovered that the lowest place in our backyard is the….wait for it….pool room window! Shel called me at work to tell me the basement was flooding. I rushed home to find water up to the basement window. You see, the temperature went from weeks of -30C (and lots of snow) to +15C yesterday. Much melting! Not much damage really, just a puddle and some damp carpet, but that HAS to be the last bad thing! Please! Let it be the last disaster! I can’t take any more!! 🙂
On the bright side, the van is back and as good as ever (I even got the ABS fixed ….no, not on insurance). But it did cost me…$550
On the bad side, Dylan went in for real orthodontics today, $6000 later…..Ka-Ching! I want to be an orthodontist!

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