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Oooo…forgot one more thing. I’ve

Saturday, March 22nd, 2003 by Ian

Oooo…forgot one more thing. I’ve revived the ClanGPS Website. Maybe we’ll put the clan back together?!

A couple things, first the

Saturday, March 22nd, 2003 by Ian

A couple things, first the story:

Dylan’s gym club had a “comedy night” last night as a fund raiser with some comedians from “Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club”. Both comedians were very good, by the way, but that’s not the story….We arrived late (as usual), and one of the parents from the gym was working the door, so we asked if there was room at her table. There was. We sat down and did the introductions, and there was a couple on the other side of the table that looked familiar, and I said so. Right about then, the wife put her head down in seeming embarassment. Why? The woman was the one who had crashed into the van (As noted on below on March 4th). That’s right, same woman, friend of a friend of ours, 100 km from where the accident was, at the same table. Uncanny! They are a nice enough couple, no bad vibes, just very strange…

Next, braces:

Dylan got his braces on the top yesterday. I have no pictures yet, and they look fine (ummm….sorta like braces…) but he’s miserable. Not because they hurt (which they do), just because he thinks they’re “ugly”. He’s just the wrong age, not mature enough to understand it will be good in the long run, and mature enough to care. Oh well, he’ll be fine.

Lastly today:

I’m actually home ALONE today! Doesn’t happen often! Quinn is sleeping over at a friends because Dylan has a competion in Edmonton, and Shelley and I were going to go, but I got swamped at work Friday. So Shel let me beg off on going north. On the other hand, I have enough work for 3 weekends to do this weekend. Well, better get at it….

The Flood of Ought Three

Friday, March 14th, 2003 by Ian

The Flood of Ought Three

Shelley was worried that “bad things come in threes” and it seems she was right. Well, I hope they don’t come in fours, or more!

We have now had the THIRD bad thing in three weeks and hopefully its over.

We discovered that the lowest place in our backyard is the….wait for it….pool room window! Shel called me at work to tell me the basement was flooding. I rushed home to find water up to the basement window. You see, the temperature went from weeks of -30C (and lots of snow) to +15C yesterday. Much melting! Not much damage really, just a puddle and some damp carpet, but that HAS to be the last bad thing! Please! Let it be the last disaster! I can’t take any more!! 🙂
On the bright side, the van is back and as good as ever (I even got the ABS fixed ….no, not on insurance). But it did cost me…$550
On the bad side, Dylan went in for real orthodontics today, $6000 later…..Ka-Ching! I want to be an orthodontist!

“Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy, Happy,

Tuesday, March 4th, 2003 by Ian

“Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy, Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy”

Shel and Quinn are out of town. Good thing. I was lying in bed this morning thinking, “Its chilly in here. Must be becase there isn’t a warm body beside me…”. Wrong.

Later, when Dylan was getting up he went to the basement to get stuff for his lunch and came upstairs saying, “The furnace is spraying water everywhere!” That seemed unlikely to me, but I went down to check it out. Sure enough, the furnace was spraying water everywhere! Luckily, it was just a small plastic pipe that takes water to the humidifier.

However, there is water for about 5 feet around the furnace, and it did mamange to shut the furnace off. It was 14C in here then. I’ve since dried off what I can and got the furnace going. Much nicer. Sigh. Bad things come in threes…what’s next?

Yikes. Long delay again! I

Sunday, March 2nd, 2003 by Ian

Yikes. Long delay again! I just couldn’t leave the “Merry Christmas” there at the top any longer. So what CAN I say?

Scott and I were playing Quake over the internet. It was pretty laggy, but fun none the less. He’s getting a new computer soon and we’re gonna try Quake3. Could be cool.

Shelley had a small accident in the van. No, no one was hurt. Driver’s side door was caved in. It’s off at the body shop and we’re driving a rental Jimmy. Pretty nice little truck.

We’ve had Shelley’s friend from Saskatoon and her son here for a week and a half now. She’s going through IVF at Foothills Hospital, so she’s staying with us. She goes home tomorrow and is taking Quinn and Shelley with her. Shelley has a wedding to go to in S’toon and Quinn’s along for a vacation. Part of his birthday present was a flight home from S’toon. He’s never been in a plane before and was REALLY excited about it.

Not much else to report right now. I’m gonna try to update more often, but I’ve said that before…