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C-c-c-cold H-h-here

Monday, January 28th, 2008 by Ian

Last night my home weather station recorded a -40 C windchill.  Nice.  Ambient temperature has been between -35C and -30C today.  Yuck.  I’ve noticed that Brady has had that kind of weather for a while now.  Yuck again.

And…Shelley just phoned me to tell me one of our kitchen pipes has frozen up.  We’re trying to get it thawed now…it’s just one pipe that runs up the outside wall.


Final Medical Clearance

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008 by Ian

I received the okay to donate today.  The transplant doctor has been notified so we’re going ahead.  Very soon they will start killing the recipient’s marrow, and turning back would be a REALLY crappy thing to do.

Here I sit.

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008 by Ian

I’m sitting in the basement of the Tom Baker Cancer Centre, waiting for a doctor to come available. Everything is done for the day except the final transplant confirmation. So far today, I’ve:

  • Given 3 vials of blood for final type checking
  • Had an ECG
  • Had a chest X-Ray
  • Gone through my medical history for the 4th time.
  • Been poked and prodded, vitals taken and the usual checkup stuff.
  • Driven to Canadian Blood Services and give 8 more vials of blood for infectious disease testing (They need samples from within 30 days of donation).
  • Bought a printer that works with my Macs. Just to kill time.
  • Listened to 4 descriptions of the process and signed many waivers and forms (They want to be SURE you got it).

Everyone has been very nice and VERY appreciative of the donation.

Honestly though, I’m a bit worried about how much it will hurt after and I really don’t like general anasthetics, but what can you do — better than an epidural (spinal block? All spelling of medical terms is highly questionable).

Niggly little (normal) fears aside, I’m kind of excited and proud that I can do this.

It’s all very cool.

(Note: If you caught the date of the procedure, good for you, but I had to remove it due to confidentiality rules. Since there aren’t many transplants done on a given day, someone COULD work backwards and find out who the donor was. So I’ve agreed to no interviews, and I assume nothing so public as a web site. Sorry, I’ll need to be a little more tight lipped about it.)

The Marrow Donation is Going Ahead.

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008 by Ian

I got the call up to the big leagues today. My blood type matches someone, and the donation is going to go ahead soon [Ed: Dates removed according to privacy policy]. Work ups start next week. Now the BIG problem:

How do I want to do it? The 1) Bone Marrow Donation Technique or the 2) Apheresis Technique.

Terry has suggested that Option 1) as the tried and true method with fewer short and long term issues…but it’s also the most painful. Option 2) is relatively painless. I’m leaning towards Terry’s suggestion and have only a day or two to decide so they can start the physical work up. What do you think? Quickly now! If it was you, which would you pick?!

Images from Scott

Monday, January 7th, 2008 by Ian

Scott couldn’t get the gallery working (sigh, what am I gonna do? 🙂 ) So here are the images he mailed me:

Do you think you could have looked any more SOUR in those pictures Scott?! Heh heh. I mean, you look odd enough without your beard as it is!